Voici votre l'équipe!

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Shelley Petit

Shelley hails from the Saint John region and moved to Fredericton in 2020. A teacher out on long-term disability due to multiple chemical sensitivity/TILT (MCS), she was also a sports coach, a community volunteer, and a Girl Guides of Canada leader (which she still does today virtually). She joined the Coalition in 2020 and believes in the importance of this Grassroots’ movement to improve the lives of all New Brunswickers with any form of disability.

Vice Président

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Elisa works as a Project Manager for a corporate

digital e-learning company in Fredericton. She grew up in the heart of Oromocto and holds a BA in Criminology from St Thomas University. She is an advocate for promoting inclusivity, diversity,

and growth in New Brunswick.

Edward (Ted) Robak

Ted is a professional engineer and a professional forester who taught forest engineering at UNB until his retirement for health reasons in 2011. He has worked on projects in many countries around the world and speaks English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian. 

Secrétaire & Communications

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Murielle Pitre



Spécialiste des médias sociaux

Kaitlyn Layden

Murielle a passé la majeure partie de sa carrière chez ExxonMobil, mais a commencé sa vie professionnelle à l'Association canadienne des paraplégiques

et au Conseil canadien de la réadaptation pour les personnes handicapées. Elle a étudié en communications, s'est familiarisée avec les arts graphiques et la photographie, et aime écrire et communiquer avec les médias. Murielle est atteinte du Spina Bifida.


Kaitlyn vit avec la paralysie cérébrale, mais elle ne le laisse pas mener sa vie! Elle a récemment terminé le programme de compétences en affaires offert par Ability NB et a lancé sa propre petite entreprise de souvenirs . Elle est une ardente auto-représentante et s'est battue pour changer la politique 6.1 du Développement Social. Cette politique a un impact sur le droit d'une personne handicapée de se marier et de conserver ses services.



Krista Wilson

Resides in Fredericton, Krista has Cerebral Palsy, studied Information Systems and is a Coordinator for a senior center. An army brat who enjoys music, crafts, baking.

Priority Focused Board Members

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Kathleen Leger

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Mental Health
Carly Dewitt

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Mental Health
Suzanne Labelle

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Shawna-Leigh Morgan


Kathleen experienced a spinal stroke in 2009. A mother to a 19 year-old son and part-time worker for an amazingly supportive company, Kathleen stives to help wherever she can and is involved with Ability Transit, Inclusion Advocacy SENB & have been with NBCPD since its creation in 2020..

Carly has Congenital Hydrocephalus and Chari Malformation. She has been a member of the Youth Relations Council, where she advocated for youth and children with disabilities She was also part of the Inclusion Advocacy Board and now will be helping NBCPD's efforts to help people with disabilities deal with the isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Suzanne became disabled over 10 years ago and is the mother of an adult son with complex medical needs.  She moved to New Brunswick in 1995 and has enjoyed the lifestyle and the people. She has volunteered for many different groups and organizations.

Dr. Mario Levesque, PhD; Associate Professor
Mount Allison

Advisor, NBCPD

Mario Levesque is a professor at Mount Allison University, who does research into changes in public policy and administration related to disability policy (e.g., political participation, labor market agreements, accessible transit) and environmental policy. His interests lie in the areas of political dynamics, namely, intergovernmental relations, institutional analysis, community-based governance, citizen engagement, federalism and power dynamics.
He teaches various related courses in Canadian politics, public policy and administration such as Environmental Conflicts in Canada, Canadian Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations and Canadian Public Policy.



Mario has graciously and enthusiastically decided to be part of the NBCPD team as an Advisor and has lead a team of students into doing some very valuable research for the organization.  

Nos membres viennent de partout au Nouveau-Brunswick et ne sont pas nécessairement handicapés eux-mêmes.  Nous accueillons les familles, les alliés, les entreprises, etc. Nous considérons nos membres comme une partie importante de notre équipe !


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